Jon Graves Architects & Planners, PLLC was founded as Jon Graves Architects in the mid-1990s. Our firm philosophy centers on finding the most appropriate solution for each project opportunity. JGA's commitment is to stretch the bounds of opportunity to find a comprehensively supportable and sustainable solution for each given project circumstance.

Elliot Bay Apartments

Foss Landing Marina and Mixed-Use Community

UniBank - HQ

Leschi Marina Repair and Modernization

Hogan Residence

Summerwalk Village

Tumwater Town Center

Planned Communities

Airdustrial Attorney General Office

Gazecki Residence

Boohan Town Center Mixed Use Development

505 Broadway

Skyline Terrace Seniors Campus


Foss Landing Dry Stack Boat Storage

Salish Cliff's Golfcourse Clubhouse

Meridian Valley Country and Golf Course Pro-shop and Training Facility

Heritage Bank - Kent, WA

Inlet Spa - Little Creek Casino

Tacoma Country and Golf Club - Private Membership Dining and Bar

MIT Adult Recovery Center

  • Courtyard
  • Courtyard Top
  • Exterior
  • Walkway

Annie Wright School Addition

Pacific Soccer Center

3110 Ruston Way

Thea Foss Offices

Reider Medical

Garage Plus Man Cave


Milgard Window Manufacturing


Summit Lake Retreat